PEARL IZUMI A company that creates an array of athletic clothing and gear, including women's trail running shoes. PROBLEM Pearl Izumi is doing great in Germany and Japan, but not as well in the States. How do we get women who are constantly on the go to embrace a lifestyle of running only possible with Pearl Izumi SyncroFuel XC Trainers? SOLUTION Transcendental Running - A campaign that introduces the concept of transcendental running and how Pearl Izumi XC Trainers provide a lightness that's unheard of. — PRINT A Spread focused on the introduction of transcendental running. SMARTSHOE Introducing the Pearl Izumi Nirvana Chip (PINC). Using Radio Frequency Identificatio (RFID) Chips placed in the tongue of each shoe, Pearl Izumi SyncroFuel XC Trainers instantly activates kiosks at Pearl Izumi sponsored trails when they're nearby. The touch screen kiosk allows you to check-in on Foursquare, Facebook or Twitter if you so choose, with information that you preregistered to the chip. On Foursquare there are new badges that you can collect. Every time you activate a kiosk, you earn points to earn rewards. TV With this new technology, you'll never want to come back down. It's early morning. There is a forest of extremely tall pines with rays of light radiating from behind them. There's a slight fog and we see a tiny, female runner emerge from the left starting to venture across the screen. We move in close. We're following her from the waist up through the trail, maintaining our profile view. As we progress through the trail, we pan down her body. As the feet begin to appear, we swing around to the back of the runner, continuing our downward motion, so that when we finally reach her feet, we're at a worm's eye view. That's when we notice her feet aren't actually touching the ground. She's about six inches above it. As soon as the realization hits, we delve into a deep slow motion, where we see the logo on the back of the shoe. The words "Introducing Transcendental Running" appear on the screen as the narrator says them. We finish by cutting back to the establishing shot where the website and logo lay across the screen and our tiny, female runner exits.
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