VIXEN In 2013, hip-hop clothing legend Pelle Pelle launched a woman's outerwear company. They called it the Vixen Collection. PROBLEM The Vixen Collection wanted to launch their brand for the Fall 2013 season. They had a beautifully shot look-book, but there weren't any words. They needed someone to help tell their story. SOLUTION Breaking Molds. Breaking Hearts. - Keeping the retailer and consumer in mind, a mantra that defines the entire line. — BRAND STORY Breaking Molds. Breaking Hearts. The Vixen Collection is breaking the mold in women's fashion, because nothing about our woman is ordinary. We're not like the others and neither is she. You can tell by the way she walks, the way she smirks and the way she makes men stutter. We're the only jacket that compliments her ability to conquer the night. From runways to clubs to boardrooms, our designer cuts stand out with style and confidence. Vixen's love affair with fine leather and common sense has enabled us to create a line that will change sexy forever.
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